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with Compact Digital Cameras, Camcorders and Smartphones

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Compact Digital Cameras & Camcorders
A popular option when suitable cameras were readily available to buy and build mounts for, compact cameras are more flexible alternative to DSLR’s or CSC’s in that the user can vary the magnification to better frame the shot. In these systems a suitable device is coupled to the fieldscope eyepiece using a photoadapter or hand held up against the viewing eyepiece. The best cameras have a zoom of 5x or less and a lens diameter of 20mm or under.

Universal Smartphone Mount USM-2
The USM-2 offers a simple, flexible way of connecting your smartphone to your telescope eyepiece and recording video or taking photos. The mount features a plate with adjustable clamps to position and hold the smartphone on one side. On the other is an adjustable 3 pin clamp that fixes over the eyepiece.

Things to know
Fieldscopes are designed for use with viewing eyepieces ranging from 12x-60x magnification. Using a fieldscope fitted with a 20x eyepiece and a device with an optical zoom of 0.6x-5x, you can photograph or video at magnifications between 12x-100x.

These high magnifications are great for getting close up images or video at distance, but the amount of light entering the device combined with the narrow field of view and relatively shallow depth of focus will affect image quality as well as your ability to successfully frame a shot or sequence. In addition and depending on the device, it is sometimes difficult for the eyepiece to project a large enough diameter path of light into the image sensor. This condition, a circular image within the rectangular image frame is called vignetting and is reduced by increasing the zoom setting on the device.

Which Eyepieces?
Choose a wide angle or zoom eyepiece set at minimum magnification. The following eyepieces provide the best overall images with a wide range of different devices; 40810 HDF T, 40936 SDLv2 zoom or 40862 HDF T zoom


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